The quality of every one of our tours is top-notch - from the hosts, tour guides, services, and of course, the food.

The food of China is as diverse and amazing as its people, and taking the 'Taste and See' option is a way that you can build your tour around the food.

Although we always seek to provide excellent food offerings on our tours, this option allows you to ensure that you experience as many of China's food delicacies as we can fit into your time here!  Our experienced 'foodies' have done lots of taste-testing (just for you!) and can order for you, or you can have the freedom to order with their advice!

Selections include:

* Peking Duck - the absolute best kind

* Food from a variety of Chinese minority groups - including food from Xinjiang, Yunnan, Meizhou, Shaanxi

* Home-cooked organic food (fresh from the farm)

* The finest of Chinese tea

And more!