We not only provide high-quality, tailor-made tours in China, but for those who are interested, we seek to help people 'catch a vision' for China.

Our Vision

We aim to see God opening hearts and minds through life-changing tours within China, enabling believers to see the world through God’s eyes.

Our years in China and the relationships we have built with the Chinese have enabled us to give a deeper insight into China. We simply desire to bring you this integrated experience where exciting tourism meets our guests’ vision & calling for this amazing nation.

Ask us about our:

Catch a vision tour A unique opportunity to gain insight into the spiritual state of this nation, interact with locals, see Chinese fellowships, and learn about the needs of this nation.  We look forward to seeing how God will help you catch a vision for how you can be part of blessing this nation - whether by being here, or even from back at home!

On our knees tour Spend time in China not only seeing the sights, but on your knees, praying for the needs of this nation.  As you see the multitudes of people and the daily struggles they face, you will have time to reflect and bring these requests to God, culminating in a prayer retreat.  (Only available for groups of 3-10 people.)