UTEC stands for Unique Travel | Experience China.

We want to enable you to explore all the ‘Middle Kingdom’ (zhong guo = 中国 = China) has to offer, and leave amazed and inspired.


Your experience will be truly unique. You will come face-to-face with China - both old and new - as it really is, and beyond the tourist trail. Our personalized tours focus on letting you explore aspects of China in ways that very few can offer.


Travel to another world and see China as you never dreamed it could be. Be amazed at its rich history, cultural diversity, breathtaking scenery, delectable cuisine, and the beauty of its people.


… a new flavor, a diverse people, an historic culture, a different worldview, a fresh perspective… all these experiences are waiting for you. Don’t just ‘see China’ - experience it with us!


We long for you to catch a vision for China that will remain with you even long after your departure. Through interaction with locals and hands-on opportunities, we know your heart and mind will be opened by this amazing place.

We also endeavour to be:

  • flexible Our speciality is organizing custom tours so flexibility is key.
  • accommodating Let us know your particular needs and we will cater to them.
  • transparent Just like you, we despise hidden costs! None of those from us!

And seek to provide you with value-for-money, honest-to-goodness, quality service.