We provide tours and travel services that are designed to make your time in China as personalized and informative as possible.  We love this country, and we want you to go away loving it too - just as it really is!

We are based in Beijing and Xi'an and specialize in travel in and around these areas, but can organize touring services for any part of China.  

  • We help you experience China’s history and culture. You will visit several of China’s incredibly precious cultural and historical attractions, and experience these sights through a different perspective than traditional tours.
  • We make the arrangements. Hotel accommodations, in-country travel, and airport transportation, meal selection are handled by our staff (with your input!), allowing you to focus on taking in your surroundings and catching a vision for China. UTEC tours vary and can be easily catered to meet your exact needs and interests.
  • Our effectiveness is through our flexibility. Our programs can be customized to meet your focus and interests. Guests can request adjustments and add details to build a more personal and relevant experience.
  • We focus on the authentic China experience. We don't want to bring a sanitized version of China to you!  We want you to see it and enjoy the real deal.  So you'll be eating authentic food, mingling with locals, even learning some of the language if you are game!